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Xonia's Info


Xonia is a very beautiful female, her desire is her biggest asset, she does not stop. Along with a very good nose and staunch points, I'm certain owners of her offspring will be satisfied.

Her father is Osko vom Seefleck, his VJP score is 72 points, Osko ran in the 2004 Hegewald with an impressive score of 216 + 9 for form and coat. But even more impressive is his VGP score of 345 points, he performed an overnight blood track with off lead guiding to achieve this, a very nice dog with a trainer / breeder who I admire and respect very much, Herr Rudi Moß.

Her mother is Ilka vom Burgwald, she has some very nice test scores as well. Her VJP score is 68, HZP 210, and an impressive prize I VGP with 334 points, she ran the overnight blood track to achieve this score, she also has the Btr award for Retrieving Reliability Test (Bringtreueprüfung).


   Xonia II Kervinshof











Xonia's Test Scores and other information:


Her height / length; 62cm/64cm, form/coat 9/8 Very good/Good

VJP: 69 Points

HZP: 179 Points, without hare track.

VGP: Planned to test in 2010

Xonia's Ahnentafel Front

Xonia's Ahnentafel Back

Xonia's VJP Score Sheet

Xonia's HZP Score Sheet

Xonia's Blood Test vWDII

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