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Rex II v. Böckenhagen


Rex was imported from Germany, he was trained and tested by a person I respect very much, Jon Davis. Jon's information on Rex is available at http://vomred-rock.blogspot.com/ his phone number and email address are on the webpage. 


Jon could tell you about his strengths and weakness better than me, but here is what I see.
Very nice nose and tracking ability, very good pointer. What I like is the consistence of different dogs that I seen that he sired, very nice hunters, calm at the breed show and around people. Temperament is very important to me, Jon said he is very good with people and other dogs.


See some of his pictures below:




Rex's Test Scores and Info:


Rex's Ahnentafel Front

Rex's Ahnentafel Back

Rex's VJP Score Sheet

Rex's HZP Score Sheet

Rex's VGP Score Sheet

Rex's Blood Test vWDII

Rex's Hips HD B Frei

Rex II v. Böckenhagen GNA Stud Listing

Rex's Kennel Page Vom Red Rock Page