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VDD-GNA (Group North America)          http://www.vdd-gna.org/index.php

VDD is the parent of VDD-GNA             http://www.drahthaar.de/

JGV-USA                                              http://jgv-usa.org/

JGHV is the parent of JGV-USA               http://www.jghv.de/

Leerburg Kennels, dog training information and supplies  http://leerburg.com/

Drahthaar Central, good general information  http://www.drahthaar.com/

Info board and email list for DD Owners http://neubayern.net/mailman/listinfo/dd-list

Utah Bird Dogs http://utahbirddogs.com/forum/

Gun Dog Forum  http://gundogforum.com/forum/


Kit Critchlow has helped me out a bunch, I will always be grateful for his advise, I would recommend Kit's kennel to others;             http://arizonadd.com/

My son CJ with a trout from the San Juan River.


For information on the San Juan River check out  http://www.sanjuanriverguides.com