vom Animas Deutsch Drahthaar


History of the Deutsch Drahthaar

Over 100 years ago the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD) was formed by a group of breeders with the goal of versatile performance ability. Through performance testing and controlled breeding the VDD has had remarkable success. The amount of emphasis that is placed after the shot is one of the reasons I own a DD and believe in the testing system. Ethical hunting, not allowing game to go off wounded and to suffer.

So the VDD is the breed club of the Deutsch Drahthaar, you may have heard of VDD-GNA (Group North America), they are one of the many groups that are part of the VDD which is based out of Germany.

The testing authority of the VDD is Jagdgebrauchshundverband and is abbreviated JGHV. You may of heard of JGV-USA or JGV-Rocky Mountain they are non-breed specific testing organizations for JGHV in North America. It was not too long ago I was new to the breed and confused by all this, so I hope I've clarified this for some of you.

There are many tests the DD can go through, but here are three you'll hear most about:

VJP: This is the natural abilities test, also referred to as the puppy test, this test is always held in the spring. The purpose is to evaluate the natural abilities in five different categories tracking, nose, pointing, search, and cooperation.

HZP: This is the fall breed test, the purpose is to evaluate the natural abilities in the five different categories; tracking, nose, pointing, search, and cooperation, but now is combined with several retrieves that must be performed. The dog is being evaluated for it's reliability to retrieve. For most this a dog that has been trained at the force fetched training level.

VGP: This is the finished gun dog test, the test compromises four main areas:

Forest Work

Water Work

Field Work


For information on Testing of the DD please see:


I studied the breed for a couple of years before buying my first DD, I can honestly say all of my expectations were met or surpassed. I was amazed with the desire and ability of the DD breed, whether out in the field or on the water, they have the desire to never let you down.

The VDD accomplished this versatile breed by combining the following four breeds:



Deutsch-Kurzhaar (Translates German Shorhair)


For information on the history of the DD please see http://www.vdd-gna.org/history.php