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Helmut vom Wasatch, AKA Doc


Doc is owned by Chad Jones, Chad is well respected in the breed club, he has trained and tested Doc all the way through VGP. He completed his VGP at only 14 months old, he has also competed with him in the NSTRA field. See his 2011 NSTRA link below.
Doc is a very eye catching Schwsch male, he is rated a 11 in form and 12 in coat. His father Rex II v. Böckenhagen was used in our C litter with very good feedback from owners. Also, temperament is very important to me, he is very good with people and other dogs.



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Helmut vom Wasatch RH Side                        Helmut vom Wasatch LH Side 


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Helmut vom Wasatch Front                             Rex II v. Böckenhagen, Helmut's Father



Doc's NSTRA Results for 2011; http://www.nstra.org/Members/trial.asp?idnum=23423


Doc's Ahnentafel Front


Doc's Ahnentafel Back


Doc's VJP Test Sheet


Doc's HZP Test Sheet


Doc's VGP Test Sheet


Doc's VDD-GNA Stud listing