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Ziva II vom Spanger-Forst  x  Dasso v.d. Auwiese

Whelped November 13th 2018


I will provide each new owner with a puppy packet containing; puppy's health records, a copy of The Armbruster Training Manual, training information on VJP, HZP, and VGP testing. 

Puppies are available to hunting families only, new owners are encouraged to test in the JGVH testing system. Testing your dog will give you a better hunting partner in the fall. There will be planned and announced training dates to help new owners prepare for the tests, the pups will test in the spring and fall of 2020.

I will provide a full guarantee of the puppy's health for the first year of any genetic problems. I will need to be notified right away and require copies from your vet on the condition. I will replace your puppy or refund your money. 

All puppies are sold, please contact me if you are interested in getting on my standby list, if a spot becomes available I will contact you.

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Ziva II vom Spanger-Forst

Dasso v.d. Auwiese


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