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Düsen vom Animas


DOB 10.04.2012

ZB # 219856

DGStB # 67496

ZR # 417/12

VJP 66

HZP 176o.Sp.

VGP  II. / 324  ÜF

66 / 67 Height / Length

10 / 8 Form / Coat

HD A-frei / OCD-frei / ED-frei


Düsen is out of my D litter, I trained and tested him through VGP, he is a very trainable dog with a lot of talent. He completed an overnight blood track at his VGP, he also was tested as a Dead Game Bayer (Totverbeller), for this accomplishment he had to complete 200 meters of off lead blood tracking, then start to bay on his own free will to guide me to his location.


Düsen has been one of my greatest accomplishments in breeding, training, and testing of the DD, I received some very nice complements from the senior judge /  test director after completing the test, he had noted specifically that the Totverbellen is not seen nor completed successfully very often, along with some other nice complements.


Düsen was evaluated at the Utah Breedshow in 2016, he was rated in the middle of the very good predicate for Form and in the top of the good predicate for coat. He has a very nice muscular build along with a very nice tight coat.

If you are interested in using Düsen has a stud dog please contact me.