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Dasso v.d. Auwiese

German Import 


DOB 07.05.2015

ZB # 228652

DGStB # 69248

ZR # 224/15

VJP 75

HZP 189 o.Sp.

VGP  I. / 341  ÜF

64 / 64 Height / Length

11 / 11 Form / Coat

HD A-frei / OCD-frei / ED-frei


FF- Facial Furnishing Test

Dasso is owned by JD Whittington from Lehi, Utah. I had the opportunity to evaluate Dasso before the breeding, very nice dog, very nice temperament, very good form and coat. JD is very satisfied with Dasso, he is one of the best pointing DD's that JD has owned. For more information and breeding availability please contact JD.