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Brisko v.den Bondenschiften


Brisko has passed away, this brought much sadness, but he lives on through his A and B litter pups. He will always be missed, words will never describe how much I miss him or how great he was, this is one of the reasons I have decieded to keep Aysha as my breeding female, she has many of her father's and mother's positive attributes.

Brisko's story; Brisko was imported from Germany during January of 2007. I had the opportunity to meet Brisko's owner/handler/trainer, Volker Jahn, now a very good friend. I also had the opportunity to meet Brisko's breeder, Jürgen Warnholz. Jürgen's kennel v. den Bondenschiften is one I hope to mirror, he has very high standards and knowledge of the breed.

Both very good men with a good understanding of the VDD and the testing system. I will be forever grateful to Volker and his family for my visit to Germany and the hospitality given to me while there, I hope one day to repay their kindness.

I also had the opportunity to go hunting with Volker and his wife Carmen, the experience is one I'll never forget, the sound of the horns, the respect for the animals, and the friendship. It was nice to see Brisko hunt in his native land before bringing him to America.

Brisko is a very calm dog in the house and around people, but when in the field he is very intense. Brisko is a very easy dog to handle, he listens well and always seems to produce a lot of game while out in the field.

Brisko is a very strong pointer, he is able to hold large coveys of quail and chucker, and after the shot is always willing to find and deliver the game to hand.

Brisko has some very impressive test scores, his VJP puppy test score was nearly perfect. He scored 77 out of 81 points possible. He latter competed in the 2006 Hegewald in Geseke, he scored 223 points plus 10 points for his form and coat confirmation. Brisko earned his A.H. award at the Hegewald, he also earned his Vbr award (Verlorenbringerprüfung) Retrieve of Cripple on a Natural Track. Volker was the trainer / handler for all these accomplishments.

I trained Brisko for his VGP test, the highlight of the test for me was Brisko's blood track, he scored a perfect 4. We will train again for another VGP, this time we will complete an overnight blood track with dead game guiding. Brisko is trained as a totverbeller, he will complete the last 200 meters of his track off lead, then will sit by the game and bay until I arrive. We will validate his training at his next VGP test and show his true water work and field potential as proven in his VJP and HZP test scores.


Brisko's first retrieve in America

Brisko's father is Brisko vom Erthal, he took 2nd place in the 2004 Hegewald, and was awarded best looking male at the breed show. Brisko is one of the top stud dogs in Germany his test scores are as follows; VJP 77, HZP 230 + 11 for confirmation and coat, and his prize I VGP score at 324 points.


Brisko's mother is Aspe v. den Bondenschiften, Aspe's test scores as follows; VJP 66, HZP 207 + 10 for form and coat at the 2004 Hegewald. Her VGP test score is 282 points, Aspe is a very beautiful female, I had the chance to see here while in Germany in 2007. Aspe's father is Odin vom Liether-Moor, the Liether-Moor kennel is known for producing high performance dogs with very good form and coat ratings.

Check out the Liether-Moore Kennel at  http://www.liether-moor.de/

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