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Aysha vom Animas


Aysha's info:


She is out of our A litter breeding, very nice dog, very hard hunter, hard tracking, excellent pointing, if there is recoverable game she will find it. Her biggest attribute is her personality, very good with other dogs male or female and people, she is a very affectionate dog.

Aysha is retired from breeding. 


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Aysha's Test Scores and other information:


Her height / length; 59cm/61cm, form/coat 9/10 Very Good/Very Good

VJP: 73 Points

HZP: 192 Points, 201.5 Armbruster Points

VGP - II /287 TF


Aysha's Ahnentafel Front

Aysha's Ahnentafel Back

Aysha's VJP Score Sheet

Aysha's HZP Score Sheet

Aysha's VGP Score Sheet

Aysha's Hips HD-Frei A

Aysha's HN Certificate