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Current A Litter Photos

Alma A Litter Pup 1

Anja A Litter Pup 2


 Ali "Alaska" A Litter Pup 5



Aysha A Litter Pup 7 


Akio A Litter Pup 8 

 Ali Honoring A Litter Pup 5



A Litter Final Puppy Photos

All pups are sold...

The A litter was whelped on February 2nd, below are links to their pictures, I'll be updating the pictures weekly. Xonia whelped 6 females and 2 males.

Puppies will be fully vaccinated and de-wormed, dew claws removed and tails docked. I hope to place most of my puppies in surrounding areas, planned VJP and HZP tests in 2009 near the local area, new owners are encouraged to test, this will help me make future breeding decisions.

There will be planned and announced training dates to help new owners prepare for the tests.

Pup 1 Female

Pup 2 Female

Pup 3 Female

Pup 4 Male

Pup 5 Female

Pup 6 Female

Pup 7 Female

Pup 8 Male

A Litter Pictures

Xonia vom Kervinshof / Brisko v. den Bondenschiften

I've put information on the Ahnentafel's of Xonia and Brisko. The two links are scans of their ancestors scores and information.

Xoina's Ancestors

Brisko's Ancestors


Xonia with 1 duck and 3 geese, she had no problem handling the size of the geese, it is hard to tell from the picture, but the back side is pretty steep.