vom Animas Deutsch Drahthaar

Biltz vom Animas, aka Barrett


Barrett is out of our B litter breeding, he belongs to Matt Ptak, he is a very nice dog, very good around people and other dogs. He is a very hard hunter, he was noted as being scent loud during his puppy test, this is considered a very valuable attribute in the JGHV testing system.


Please see Barrett's info below.



Barrett's Test scores and other information


VJP: 70

HZP: 176

VGP: Planned to test in 2012


Barrett's Ahnentafel Front

Barrett's Ahnentafel Back

Barrett's VJP Score Sheet

Barrett's NAVHDA Natrual Ability Test

Barrett's HZP Score Sheet

Barrett's VGP Score Sheet Planned for 2012

Barrett's Blood Test vWDII

Barrett's Hips HD-Frei A, Planned for 2011

Barrett's HN Certificate, Planned for 2011